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I’ve heard so many young women commenting about the “standards of beauty” lately. It’s certainly different from when I was young, and as a mom of daughters, I am acutely aware of the many messages that are coming from social media about what “beauty” truly is. That’s why my heart is so geared towards helping young women see their potential and their worth by focusing on their inner and outer beauty in these shoots. While I certainly love working with so many stunning young ladies, I also really want to help build up their confidence and give them a strong foundation before senior year even arrives! Ashley is part of my teen model program, and attends Boerne Champion High School, where she plays indoor and sand volleyball. She has been very excited to start high school, and shared that she overcame her nervousness about high school by surrounding herself with upperclassmen so she wouldn’t be intimidated. Ashley enjoys meeting new people, and always pushes herself to be more outgoing and confident.

“I have really learned that I can be more outgoing than I thought I could”, she explains, “I hope I am becoming a strong and loving young woman that is becoming comfortable with who I am. I truly value my family, friends, and the wonderful life I have, and I think my best strengths are that I am athletic and creative.” As a teen, she says one of the struggles she has seen with her classmates is finding out who you are, and then accepting yourself, adding, “Popularity is hard, and should not be a  contest. I hope everyone can focus on the inside rather than the outside, and remember that a kind person will always be remembered more than a popular one!”  I love her perspective, and know that she is poised to truly make a mark on her classmates with her kind heart and constant joy.

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