Apply today for the 2019 Team!

It’s time ladies! Applications are live on my website now! They will close on Sunday at 8:00pm. If you’re interested in being on my 2019 Team, here are the deets:
1) Go to: 2) Click “Meet the 2018 Team” and click the 2019 dropdown box. Fill in your info and it will send it to you! Good luck!

I call my team “my Gahm girls” because although I am a biological mom to two amazing daughters, I truly consider my team an extension of my own family. I care deeply about them, their dreams, and the things they they are concerned about in their futures. I learn so much from their insights about life and happiness, and I joke that they truly keep me young 😉 I’d love for you to join my team, not only for senior photos, but to discover the sense of community that happens when you’re part of the squad. You gain friends, a sense of confidence, and of course, you have enviable portraits that you’ll love to share!

What are you waiting for? Click HERE!

Model Team

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