Caroline | Teen Model

    I am sure loving the time with these teen models! I am encouraged to see so many young women who are poised, kind, and looking to make their world a better place. Caroline is quite a girl…ambitious and very committed to her personal faith and values. She attends Samuel V. Champion High School, where she is the manager of the swim team. She also participates in Boerne buddies, and volunteers at her local women’s shelter. In addition, she is a eucharistic minister, and helps lead the faith formation for elementary students at St. Peter the Apostle. Her faith is something that she credits for helping her find the right friends, and Caroline says, “It is hard to find uplifting people who respect your morals, especially in high school. I conquered this issue by becoming very involved in my church…my friends there have become like family, and I can always count on them.” Some of her best high school memories have been at the friday night football games with her friends.

    “I’ve really learned that I have to remain true to myself. I never want to change who I am just to fit in”, continues Caroline, “I believe true success comes by completing your own goals and always setting new ones. I also know success is about helping others and making them feel uplifted.” I was very inspired meeting this compassionate and joyful young lady, and know she is a terrific role model as part of my teen program. Yes, I love photographing the outer beauty of these ladies, but I also enjoy meeting and learning about what makes them so beautiful inside, as well. When we meet up, I also encourage them to think about the things that make them unique, and how it can help them battle the challenges and stressors of school. “Being a teen is very stressful these days”, adds Caroline, “You have to plan your future, and what you want to do for the rest of your life, but I really believe being kind is what matters most. After high school is over, no one will care how popular you were, they will only remember how you treated others.”

    Caroline, that is so true, and I know the people you come into contact with will always be grateful for the influence you were in their lives!

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    Morgan | Teen Model

    “My peace and happiness comes from knowing I am a child of God.
    I am fortunate to have a loving family to love and support me in all that I do!”

    When a young woman feels confident in herself, there is a special and rare light that shines in her eyes. She walks differently, and carries herself with a silent courage. Morgan is that type of young lady, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have her become part of my teen model program. You can find out more about my teen program, and why I started it right HERE, and Morgan is the perfect gal to kick things off! She’s attending Champion High School in Boerne, Texas, where she is highly involved. She is part of the Boerne Buddies program, which matches students in the Life Skills programs with other students, in order to provide friendship and social interaction. She’s also in the HOSA club, and Interact club, and she’s a talented athlete. Although she played tennis competitively in the past, she says it’s been something she’s needed to balance: “The routine for tennis was rigorous, and I missed a lot of class time. Now, I play for fun, and I enjoy it so much more. I now play occasionally in a tournament, but I get to spend more time with my friends now”. Outside of her studies, Morgan loves to wakeboard and tube out on the lake with friends and family, and she says her most treasured high school memory would be attending the football games.

    “I’m still learning time management”, she explains, “but I am learning that success, for me, means accomplishing goals that I have set for myself, which means helping others in a meaningful way. I really want to maximize my potential, and I never want to have regrets”. Morgan’s faith is also very integral to her personality, and she says it has helped her be confident in her moral beliefs. “Being kind is without a doubt the most important thing, because being popular won’t matter in the long run. I am proud of my ability to make people laugh, and I treasure my special relationships with my friends.” I loved getting to know this sweet and smart teen, and know her confidence is grounded in a kind heart, and a genuine faith.

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